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Orange Aglow's game bags are washable, lightweight, and durable. They're built with no seam on the bottom and reinforced seams along the sides and are rated to hold 100+ pounds. Unlike any other game bags on the market, our bags have handles for easy carrying and hooks for easy hanging. Reflective paracord and reflective piping will help you find them at night. The 13x19", 13x27", and 14x33" bags are slightly wider at the opening to make loading easier. Material dyed with food-grade dye. Sets come in a reusable mesh bag. 

Deer Boneless Set: Two 13x27" bags, One 13x19" bag
Deer Bone-In Set: Five 13x27" bags
Elk Boneless Set: Five 14x33" bags
Elk Bone-In Set: Four 26x46" bags, One 14x33" bag

*These bags were tested on Rocky Mountain elk.

Care Guide

Orange Aglow recommends washing your game bags solo in cold water with unscented soap and an extra rinse cycle before using. Bleeding is expected with food grade dye. We recommend trimming your meat prior to consumption.


Deer Boneless Set:
Weight: 6.7 oz
Minimum Weight (w/o mesh bag or hooks): 5.1 oz

Deer Bone-In Set:
Weight: 11.6 oz
Minimum Weight (w/o mesh bag or hooks): 9.5 oz

Elk Boneless Set:
Weight: 13.6 oz
Minimum Weight (w/o mesh bag or hooks): 11.5oz

Elk Bone-In Set:
Weight: 1 lb, 6.8 oz
Minimum Weight (w/o mesh bag or hooks): 1 lb, 3.5 oz