Signature Mesh Blaze Orange Hunting Vest

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This is the only orange vest you will need. Durable, light, and legal. The hook-and-loop closure on the front is robust and tabbed for easy use with gloves.  The fabric is stretchy to fit over late season layers, while the rear panel is elasticized to hold tight during the early season. Every vest has at least 575 square inches of orange.
Our vests are endorsed and worn by Steven Rinella, the Meateater crew, and the Eastman's Hunting team.
For sizing, we recommend ordering your t-shirt size.  The vest is stretchy and will fit over a few layers, but you may want to order up one size if you will be wearing bulky clothes.  

Usually ships in 1-2 business days.

Care Guide

We recommend washing all Orange Aglow products in a UV-blocking, scent-free soap prior to use.


Small: 2.3 oz
Medium: 2.9 oz
Large: 3.0 oz
XL: 3.2 oz
2XL: 3.6 oz
3XL: 3.9 oz
4XL: 4.2 oz
Youth: 2.0 oz
Women's S: 2.3 oz
Women's M: 2.4 oz
Women's L: 2.8 oz