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Blaze Orange Safety Panel

Blaze Orange Glow Panel

The Safety Panel will fit on the exterior of your backpack to help ensure you are seen day and night.

The panel is made of lightweight blaze orange polyester mesh and comes in three sizes. Each panel has hook-and-loop closures for easy and quick attachment to a backpack, antlers, a horse, etc.  One side of these closures has strips of reflective material to give you the option to leave your Safety Panel at your kill or put it on your tent or backpack for easy viewing at night.

The Medium is approximately 8" x 11" (88" square), weighs .9 ounces, and has 4" hook-and-loop closures. This is good for a small or medium-sized daypack.

The Large is approximately 9" x 12" (106" square), weighs 1.0 ounce, and has 3" hook-and-loop closures. This is good for a larger daypack.

The XL is approximately 8" x 20" (160" square), and has 5" hook-and-loop closures. This size is best for a multi-day pack. 




$ 7.99